Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Lovely Girls...

Who says only Awi do have his fav girl...I got mine too..And Yes,they are charm,attractive and they are an Idol!I want u to meet them...(Post nie ak edit ckit mmndgkn ak dh jmpa sinar ak yg br...(sori Jess))

Name : Kang JiYoung

DOB: 18th Jan 1994

Group : KARA

Description : She's cute and adorable!Without make up..I'm fall in love with her!Dont know why..Takes time to fall in love with her..Maybe bcus i dont like her in make up..huhu..I saw her natural face n its so cute!!!!JIYOUNG JJANG!

Name : Sunny

DOB : 15th May 1989

Group : SNSD

Description : Happy Go Lucky,Cute,Aegyeo princess,Adorable!!!

Name : Eunjung

DOB : 12th December 1988

Group : T-Ara

Description : Adorable,Flexible,Cute,Charismatic

Name : Im Yoon A

DOB : 30th May 1990

Group : SNSD

Description:Cute,Mature,True Idol,Tall,Great Shape,Lovely

That's is my list...Yoona is the youngest(maknae) in my list but she is my no 1..Our age is not too far apart and i love her more than ever...I hope to meet her first and then take her back with me..I believe that our fate is combine..You Are My Destiny Yoona!

Ham Eun-Jung the no 2 in my list..She got the charisma and i adore her so much..Lovely and well good at dancing...The leader of T-Ara...Eventhough many people despise her,but there a many too who love her...Awi give up on her and he gave her too me,because he said that we are meant together...haha..Eventhough we are 4 years gap,but it is not the problem..We still will be an ideal couple..Hehe

Sunny and Jessica...I find them interesting and both are cute,talented and true idol..At first my first in the list is Sunny..But i suddenly change it cuz i'm so in love with Yoona...haha..Jessica at first i dont like her..But after watching her sometimes,she made me wanna love her..The blur or ice cold queen is so lovely...

Haha Awi,we got our own list now..So how bout yours?Believe me,no one can take them from us..They are in our heart for ever so remember that!haha