Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Stars That Shines In My Heart...

After quite sometimes,this blog like has been abandoned due to works need to be done and the lacking of ideas on what to write.But lately,my emotion seems to be like in 'jiwang' state where i talked bout love,think bout love,and even hoping for love so much.Eventhough i'm like wanted to be loved,still cant find the right person...If u are wondering what is the type of woman that i like or who are the one who accompany my days now,just check it out and rate which one u think suit me the best.... hoho :D

No 10 : Park Bom 2NE 1

Park Bom...What do i like bout her?Eventhough she is 30 (which is way older than me) she looks young and doesnt looks like in 30.Started to get interested on her when i watch her solo You n I.I found that she is the type of cute,gentle and shy and also doesnt seems to talk much.Regarding her career in 2NE1,he has a strong vocals to support 2NE1 and the only voices we can hear is hers..Look can be deceiving but not for Park Bom.She is what she are n no differences from the real life..

No 9 : Son Ga-In Brown Eyed Girls

Ga In has a very cute smile and her small eyes really go well with her face.First time i saw Ga In is during Invincible Youth.On that time,i seems like got attracted to her and started to follow her activities and even pick her as my favourite member in BEG in their International Fanpage. Ga In is all about naive.Being a maknae in BEG made her dependable to her unnies and good of making aegyeo.She is a simple girl with a soft hard..But still charismatic on stage.
No 8 : Heo Ga Yoon 4 Minute

Got to notice her in HuH.In previous album,i cant differentiate which one is Ga Yoon and which one is So Hyun.Even the name also were misaddress between both of them. Ga Yoon has a cold personality where she is not too friendly.Even in 4 Minute,she is has a temper but still can manage herself.She has the charisma,nice body,long legs and even charming stare.Dunno why but she is really attracting me...

No 8 : Kim Jung Ah Afterschool

I got a huge crash on her when i saw her during the dance battle between Afterschool and 4 Minute..On that time she is partner up with Awi's crush Nana. She is a good dancer and really has a nice perfect shape body.Eventhough she is the Afterschool omma,but i found that she is really attractive.Another person caught in my eyes is Afterschool Raina..Both of them really look a like n i almost confius between them.But in the end i'm liking Jung Ah more..Maybe because her personality which is more matured,talented and charismatic..Adore her style...

No 7 : Goo Hye Sun

The heroin of Boys Over Flower.Really caught my heart.Sweet personality.Charming.Cute.Talented.Almost perfect.Seducing.Adorable.N wat more can i say?She has the package.No wonder if she is the best wife to be.I'm pretty sure many people like her right?

No 6 : Hyo Sung Secret

Another girl with small eyes that really attract me.Hyosung.From the first time i hear Secret's song,I Want You Back,i keep searching bout her.N yes she is really cute,good in dancing,most important thg is cute and adorable n the best part is she is full of cuteness...Eventhough she is the oldest unnie,aegyo is her hobby.Pleasant and very simple...That's what made her my top 5.

No 4 : Lee Sun Kyu SNSD

Sunny,Sunny ur forever my sunshine....The first girl in SNSD i like...Start to gain interest when i saw her in Suju H mv Cooking Cooking.She is the cutest member of SNSD and her bright personality always bring warmth to all..Yes her shine bright many people's life and yes i love her from deep in my heart n whenever i saw her smiling,i'll automatically smile too..The power of Sunshine...

No 3 : Im Yoon A SNSD

Charismatic Singer,Fantastic Dancer,Bombastic Actress...That is what Yoona made off n she has it all...That's why she is choosen as top idol that people wanna date with.The popularity of Yoona,the aura from her had managed to put her in front of people's attention.Whoever dated her,he is the most lucky guy in the world.She has everythg.Yoona,u'r my inspiration...

No 2 : Kang Ji Young Kara

Finally,the maknae in my list.2 years younger than me,but yet matured enough than me..Possed a nice body at young age,talented in dancing,Queen of dorkiness and adorable maknae in Kara.Cute.That's the main factor why many men fall for Jiyoung.Such a young age she has become an idol.Hopefully she will used the title to inspire others.She is also hardworking too.My no 2...

No 1 : Ham Eunjung T-ara

The first person in my heart,Ham Eunjung.She is like living in my heart..Accompany me all the time,share with me every single moment,and the best part is,always be there by my side..She is a good actress,singer,rapper,dancer and mc.She can do everythg.Born as a pure idol and have the idol blood inside her..Not many people actually realise her true aura.Only people who knew her better will start to fall in love with her.Just like me.Whenever i see her in videos,i will happy and smiling by myself.It's really great if i can meet her now.Connecting through facebook doesnt seems like enough to me.I hope one day i will meet her face to face..And when the times come i will express my true feelings towards her

I think i have stated all my top 10 women in my life.So what do u think?Which one do u think suit me the best?Do ur choices and tell me why.I'm waiting for it.After all these time,these girls inspire me a lot.Thanks to them i'm more stronger than before..Hopefully one of them will become my partner,or i can find someone who has the personality like them....Saranghae Eunjung

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cerita Baru

Rsnya sudah hampir 3 bln blog ini dtgglkn berhabuk dan tidak dsentuh..Kerana kesibukan,xde masa nk update dan pelbagai prkara nk dilakukan mnyebabkan blog nie spt dianak tirikan...Di kesempatan ini,ak ingin mnceritakan bbrp cerita baru ttg diriku dan ZR...
Alhamdulillah ZR msh lagi hidup dan semakin hari semakin kuat dan kukuh dgn ahli2ny bkerja keras utk mmemastikan nama ZR msh di minda smua org yg mngenaliny...Dan pada saat ini,ZR sudah mula naik selangkah ke hadapan apabila kami sudahpn mnggunakan software utk mnghasilkan lagu.Jika lagu2 sblm ini tidak mndapat tmpt dihati rkn2,namun kini ZR sudah jmpa solution trbaru dan kami ingin brjinak2 dgn dunia tekno...
Bunyiny sgt mnarik..Ya bygkn sekumpulan bdk yg baru nk blaja hidup akhirny sudah mle mnceburkn diri scara serius dgn muzik.Mmg misi kami ingin mnangkis sgala tohmahan org2 dluar sana yg agk mragui kblhn kami sbg soon to be idol.Oleh kerana kami tdk mmpunyai bakat smula jadi mmg seakan2 mmndg rendah trhadap kbolehan kami.Namun kami x mudah mengalah dan akan kami tnjukkan yg kami juga mampu melakukan ap yg org len blh lakukan...
Smpi sini saja update ini..Hrp2 mampu update lgi dlm masa trdekat...
" Kan ku buktikan pada semua,
Yg masam akan manis jua,
kau tunggu sahaja,
evolusi akan tercipta....."
bait2 lagu Bintang Jingga