Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camp Rock!!

Hey i just got back from SEMESTI yesterday for EasyMaths camp n what can i say about the camp is,THE CAMP IS ROCK!We got many inputs about how to answer admaths question in easy way.It's so cool.BTW i forgot to take lots of pics but its ok,this are the best one captured during 4 days at the camp.

This is at our first day at SEMESTI.At this time is we are so fulled n try to rest for a while at our dorm,D6. Fakhi slept at the bed under me.Although the camp is not well organised but we still having a good night sleep.

After evening class,i 'dated' with Wanie n Aqilah.We walk around the SEMESTI.This is the only pic i caught.My attention was attracted with somethg.What is the thing?Secret...

This is during the second day.Today was so tired n we wanted to have a rest in surau.Non-stop class have made our brain burst n we didn't got the chance to have a short sleep.Exhausting as if..

This is during the third day.One more hell day n we are so tired.But for education purpose,we ignored all the tiredness..

This is at the last night in SEMESTI.Haha like usual,surau is the best port for us to hang out.This is Zero's hobby...

Like always,this kids will always act prematurely.U know what,Wrestling in the Surau.Nonsense right?Haha whatever friends.During this time,i having a chat with my old buddies from Bainun,Zamir n Flop.Haha it's quiet a while we have since each other but as i remember,we haven't seen each other since i'm out from Bainun during f1.Wau thanked god they still recognised me..

Azman always been beaten by us..haha

The last day at SEMESTI.Capturing pics with my old 'gf'' Hidayah(black dress) n my former class monitor,Asha(the middle one).Hidayah is not so sporting as i have to force her to snap pics with me..Hmm..whatever..

Finally the Original Zero's took pics together.Haha cool right?For Zero Range cover album.Yeah ZR rocks!!
The easymaths camp has given me many new experienced and i'm missing the days of me with my friends at SEMESTI.The days with joy n hapiness.I hope that time can be rewinded again.Love u guys...


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