Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There Lies The King...

He died 2 weeks ago.She was the phenomenal for many years.He created many controversions.He broke many album selling records.He crush the wall between blacks and white.He use his money just for innocent kids.N what made this black man very special?Becuz he is the King...
I'm not the huge fan of him but i love to hear the man in the mirror song.In the lyric there is a phrase written : If u gonna change the world,u better look into yourself n make the change.I think thats what he had done to his life n as the result,he succeed to change the world with his musics.
Everybody called him Wacko Jacko.Some called him gay.I think that's bullshit.He very ambitious n i really admire his determination to do a great job in live performance.
He is a muslim n the idea of burying 2 weeks after his dead is not a good idea.May God bless The King's soul n forgive his sins.The King Will Always Live...
King Of The Pop
Michael Jackson

one of the great performer of all time..

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