Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Angel In My Heart..

Usually,angels are the one who protect us,give us the warmth,pleasure n even happiness that made us dare to dream n even showed us what a life without pain n sorrow.But this angel,she is different.She got 3 guardians besides her,the 3 main guardian(actually more but lets say only 3 to not making her so glad).The 3 guardian are me,Fakhi n Fadhli who always stick together no matter what.Its the FANTASTIC 4 to be accurate.
Despite such came to our school early of 09,she was so different from now.She was not a person who can be friendly with n sometime she always made us feel uncomfortable..But people change..She turned out to be different n now,with the 4 of us,nothing is impossible..Oh Yeah...
She just like my own sister.We share a lot in common.We do have the same interest n yes i do love her.She is the one who always with me when i'm empty n yet we always sharing everything that we got n she is more loaded than me(so i can 'pau' her) haha.She is an IZZY maniac.Dont ever talk any bad things of her or i will crush u until u have no bones left..
Nina,if u read this post,make sure u treat me haha.I hope that the 4 of us will always be together.Not only with the body but in the heart also..She will always be The Angel In My Heart..

is me or is it my grammar getting worst?

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